Thursday, September 16, 2010

too hypocrite???

 why is it so hard to be ourself? 
why is it soo hard to just express ourself without hurting ourself?
why is life soo complicated and hard to cope up with...
is it bad? to be afraid of taking risk b'coz we are affraid of getting ourself hurt?
is it a sign of weakness to be crying?
or do we have to just live in denial and cover up all of those weakness feelings??? 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

eID mUbaRrak!! =(

1 syawal olredy??? OMG!!
why don't i feel like celebrating it today??? it just felt sumthing's differrent...sumthing is lacking..
but what is it???
there's just no enthusiastic or that excitement of celebrating the rye tis year...
the pelita has olready been put out, family arrived home dy, new clothes tried on dy, what else???
y eh still no feelings??????

hmmmmm i think i have to journey back a bit...
if i were to look back during  my ramadhan month i think i know why... 
i think it's true that the excitement of celebrating eid mubarrak is the celebrating upon the winning of the the war spiritually within ourself.. it's the satisfaction of gaining and upgrading our iman during the ramadhan that gives the full satisfaction during the eid mubarrak...
it's not only the matter of new clothes, shoes, rye cookies or duit rye... those are just the other part of it...
i guess it was my fault for not taking the advantages of the holy month...that's what makes me feel this way... =(
there got a lesson to learn!! better learn that nothing rite??...
hope that having to lose sumthing make me think and yet still cn gain sumthing from that it's not a complete waste...

Friday, September 3, 2010


it really have been 3 months since i last updates my blog huh???mmm
it's not like i don't have any story to share but b'coz there's TOO much to explode i don't even know where to begin...hurmmm..
where do i begin????