Tuesday, May 4, 2010

food for thought!!

i couldn't agree more with one of my dearest friends AIN JOHARI's saying that we were going to be so mature once we were out of the matriculation institution!!! 
well, eventually that is definitely true!!! 

shockingly i found myself for once not being so selfish of myself!! which i have always been for all these years... maybe it was b'coz i was spoiled by the pampering and everlasting love from both of my parents... i always got for whatever i asked for unlike my lil sister..she kinda had a liltle hard time with that...i was the one who's good with the persuading thing!! since i was young..i always got the attention! well, that's enough of the liltle black backgroud already!!

n'way...as i was saying that i, myself was also surprised with the way i think things nowadays...i might still be childish at certain things but the good news is that not all the things i was being childish! YEA FINALLY GROWING UP!
i wasn't complaining when i was asked to help out at the kitchen preparing food! i was always complaining when i had to help out in the kitchen! i hated when i'm order to do things! especially cooking! i know..i know i'm a girl and that's what girls are suppose to do! the MAIDS' works... which the reason is so clear to prepared the girls to be the best future wife after all..

but u have to understand one thing! all my life i have lived this luxury life with maids, drivers, and people having to do my things..all i know is that everything is ready, prepared to be used! 
plus i was living in the the hostel for almost 7 years now..all i do is  to only prepare my stuffs and only my stuffs...i don't give a damn about other people.. now at home it's totally a different thing..i had to do all the chores, washing the dishes, make sure the clothes were washed, dried and folded. the floors were clean, the toilets smelled good and white including the tiles! gosh that's just too much! i got culture shock people!!!!  but that was when i first finished my SPM! now i'm all used to it.. that all seems only such a small matter now...maybe that's why i'm  a bit mature with that.. i don't mind now...NOw..i did all those things without even being asked to...except cooking...heheheh

one other factors, i think that might have influenced my thinking was my age factor..
i guess that having to carry a big fat TWO O wasn't that easy! it's starting to unfold all the responsibilities that i have to carry upon my shoulders now... i have to try and not to depends on my parents too much! i always think that what if one day my parents died  (god, please panjgkn umur both my parents..amin) that's if only..which i obviously know everyone is gonna die sooner or later rite so just had to start thinking of it...what would i do if i can't even manage myself..that would be just soo pathetic for me! that's why i have to start looking forward and the future in some ways ain't that right?
 this i was thinking as i was lying back on my bed before bed..
 just food for thought!

Monday, May 3, 2010

the BlaSt 20th BirthDay Ever!!!


 WOW!!! did i just got turned to a big TWO ZERO?!!!
but yea i think i just did!
a big N O! i'm OLd?!!!
damn it!

what's to be a wuusss about?
do u know what this actually means?
i got to be married soon!!!hahahah
that's definitely gonna b in my calender plan..weee

all my life my birthday would be celebrated with 
the loves ones...just plain n casual celebration..
but this year was extremely different!
with all the DRAMAS!!hahah
i've to admit i've been punk'd!!
but it was the best punk'd i've ever got and definitely 
will be glued with gum UHU permanently in my mind!

well, at first i actually might have guessed that they were coming 
to seremban to celebrate my birthday...
b'coz they've given such clues during the days in matrix..
so u knoww. i might b hoping a liltle bit..heheh

but i don't want to keep my hopes high b'coz one my best friends 
forgets my birthday!! gosh!! but don't wanna make a big deal out of it..

that night b4 00.00hours (military hours)
myra sent me msgs asking my help to accompany her to town!
ayat die!! pergh bersungguh ajak aku nie!!
aku cm pelik r...at first de gak t'pk nie mesti ade udang di sebalik batu!
tp....lelame aku tggu dh kul 12 mlm nie..x gk wish2 besday aku!!
hmmm lupe la tue kowt!

the nxt day aku pon tnye la my mom leh x nk temn myra g town..
as u already know name myra dh pn kne banned ngn parents aku...so cm ssh r sket nk mntk permission...hahahah (JUZ JOKING LA MYRA)
my mom said no! die kate nk spend time with me on my birthday la pulak..
plus my cuzen de yg coming nk celebrate jugak an..
fine la...mom's request kn..or was it an order?!!!
aku pn confuse!
aku pn call la myra..ckp x bleh kuar got celebration at 6..nk kne help out kt dapur!
she sounded very sad! 
yg x bleh blaaa tue...die siap tnye aku lg...nk celebrate pe wei?
sengal nye kawn!!!hahha 
aku pn memalu la plak nk ckp besday aku la makcik oi!!hhaha
that was actually the end!

tetibe lak my sister balik dye trus tnye?
"kak, x g kuar ngn myra ke"
aku pn pelik je...mane ko tw?
"hmmmmm oooo mak bgtw!"
nasb die pndai cover aku pn x pk pnjg dh..
oooo mak x bg r...
"mak bg la...die bwu je ckp td"
aku pn binggung!
tp what the heck i cn go out!!ahahah
aku pn trus la called myra...set time nk suh dye ambek

janji kul 2..skali tgk kul 3 oooo..
hmmm mmg janji melayu!!hahah
alasan g ambk minyak n sesat!!hahha
padahal pnt wt spagetti..hahahh
that was the first lie!!

dlm kete aku pn byk r tnye soklan...mcm2 la..
yela ajk aku g teman tp x bg explanation pon..mst la aku mnyk tnye ammmmaa
g mane? wtpe? jumpe sape? n all sorts of things
u know it's hard to keep my mouth shut once i open them..hhheeee
aku actly cm pelik r kn kate nk g anta lappy kt kedai tp lappy pown aku x nmpk..
xpe kt bonnet kowt...
sesampai je...bleh lak suh aku tnggu dlm kete siap bg aku make up lg..hahha
aku  dh selekeh tyme tuuu! pakaian ntah cm pe je..haiya nasib x pakai kaen batik je...yela ingt nk teman je kn..
pastu die kate member die x smpai lg... yg klakar nye bleh plak die berkomunikasi ngn member die tue pakai "saya awak" hahahahahah
sumpah gile lawak! myra? ckp saya awak!! LOL!
aku tgk myra cm nervous je! aku ingt die cm de flirt sket ngn mamat yg die nk jumpe nie ke? tue yg nervous sgt nie...aku pn try r korek2 secrets..
senior konon!...kawan tp jarang jumpe la...de sorng member gurl ikot tp x rapat sgt la..
bli sweater la... nth pape r,,die kelentong aku?!
but BRAVO!!! it works!!!

ak pn ajak la die round2 lake garden tue...to tell u the truth aku pn x pnh sampai tmpt tue..hahah
pe r..name je ank org negeri sembilan..malu oiiiii..
then kami pn berjaln la ke tmpat destinasi tue...die xcited je bgtw aku 'senior' die tggu kt tmpt papan2 tue..aku pn focus je la..to have a gud look at him...sekali BOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!
nasib aku x larikn diri...kne TERJAH ngn krew2 dr KL woooo!!!
couple kt tepi tue pn tgk je aku kne serbu!hahhaha

OMG!!!!!! (klu versi myra hoi mai god!)hahah
wah!! aku kne sembur ngn pe ntah tali color2 tue!!!
hahhaha redha je la aku..
mmg surprised gile!
tp aku x tw muke aku menunjukn muke terharu ke x???hhehhe
actly still nk cover macho tue..wawawaw
seriously cm nk nagis je...tp x leh la ...t jatuh r saham!hihihi
 yg lg terharu tue myra siap mask sendiri spagetti tuu tuk ktorng! 
mekasih myra! sedaaapppp hingga menjilat jari!huhuu
 mlm tue plak my top of the chart sister (adek) ~ DEQLA snggup trn semban tue
siap tido umah aku lg...
mmg terharu la wei!
x tw cm ner  lg nk describe keterharuan aku tue..ehheh

OOO ALLAH i'm very grateful for blessing me with all these kasih sayng yg terlampau banyak!! from my beloved families and friends..which i never regret to have them enter in my short life on earth!