Saturday, April 17, 2010


the starting of the day..
i was watching marathon movies Vampire assistance, the lightning thief, and he's just not that into you n all of a sudden i got a call...
a call from my dearest dot dot dot.....hehehe (further information would be personal)
we talk for hours till the clock strikes 6 am in the morning n the azan was heard.. OMG!!!
x prasan lgsg... everyone was awake.. takot kantoi plak..cpt2 nk letak tepon..konon bgn awal gile r subuh tue..
ceh banga lakk..padahal...shhhhhhhhhhhhh
bile pk2 balik x tw pe yg diceritakn sampai pagi buta tue....but to tell you the truth that call made made me smile all day long ;p

i woke up at 10 in the morning that's only 5 hours of sleep..totally not enough for me..
but i still had to wake up when i see a mountain high of unfold clothes from yesterday filled half of the space in my room...gosh!!!! kalo mak msok bilik nmpk nie COMFIRM bising...aiyooo bingit telinga gue...
x sempat nk gosok gigi lg nie trus bukak laptop and kononye nk sambil2 lipat kain la...
hampeh mmg mata, tangan, body and soul sume  tertumpu kt laptop je r...
soon after that i got another call.. no 03........ urmmm sape plak la yg call aku nie???
hmmm maybe org yg nk offer aku keje kowt...xpe berani kn diri angkt la tepon tue...
"hello", suara cm tersekat je..
"hello, nie saye nk ingtkn pasal interview awak on 23th april kt upm"
(betol ke nie? or aku tgh mimpi lg nie sbb hepi sgt pasal pg td??)
"ummm UPM?" aku tnye... (i was suprised but overwhelmed and this for real??? aku pn mule pk
upm? course pe yg aku apply eyk for interview?? gile r apply tp x tw course pe..pastue dpt interview plak... nk jwp pe tyme interview tue..)
"UPM, university putra malaysia, further information check online ye"
"ummm jap, smalm sye check online x de pon"
"awak try check hari nie"
"okay..terima kasih ye" (another smile on my face, but my hearts was beating like damn fast) still can't believe is this for real??? i'm not asleep right???
what was i suppose to do?
i went online n ushar la portal upu tu tuk check semakan temuduga for upm..
tp hampeh...x de pape pn..same je cm aku nk wt nie?
btol ke td from Upm yg call aku? o just nk knekn aku? mule la pk yg bukan2..
i know who i should call my brother, Hariss...
i told him everything n he told me to call the office but there's no answer..
i tried opening the portal pn x de gk for temuduga thingy..
xpe la i'll try calling on monday to make cm pelik je..dye call on saturday???
hmmm ntah la wait till monday... stick it that way..klu de rezeki de la tue..klu x de maybe kt tmpt laen worries be happy ;)

as i was 'facebooking' an old fren of mine buzz me kt facebook..
my old friend kt myanmar dlu...b4 nie de gk contact2 tp cm biase2 je la..tnye khabar n stuff..dh byk kali dh kate nk has been bout 6 years kowt x jumpe since mynmar!! malu nye nk jumpe..
tp tgk gmbr kt facebook xde la beza mane pon..okey kowt dh nmpk gmbr kt facebook xde r suprised sgt..
byk nk catchup gossssiiiippppppp itu pasti!!!heheh
tetibe lak dye kate nk dtg uamah aku kt seremban nie??? r u freaking serious???!!!
dye tnye cm ne nk jln after highway pastu suruh aku jemput somewhere nearby..
biar btol buat plan cmnie? die mandi pn blom lg tue...bilik aku nie plak dh r pnuh ngh kain td...aiyooo aku dh panik dh...
waras ke mamat nie??? then die ckp die nk g mandi n nk siap nnt dh otw die msj..WOOOOOOO!!!
that was an instant planning!! aku pn okey je r cpt2 kuar bilk bgtw parents aku member lame nk dtg..
excited lak aku..hehehe my family sume kenal die so not a problem sgt la..mmg terima deengan open hand la..WELCOME
akhirye sampai jugk die kt seremban..i went to fetch him kt giant senawang.. die pn ikot la kete aku smpai HOME SWEET HOME..
datang2 je trus pakse die makan..sebenarnye sebab aku yg lapar gile nie..x tahn tgk maskn mak yg sedaap tuu...heheh
pastu borak2 la sampai after asar..puas atie r jumpe dpt much yg dh di update..seronok jumpe member lame.. peeergghh rindu gile...
dlu seingt aku asyik bergaduh je ngn mamat nie skng borak sume nk control macho matang la kate kn....
ye aku pn dh matang n mmg ayu habis la...hahahha
that was pretty much it that made my day all colorful...
what a day!!!... fuhhh
by the end of the say i was so damn exhausted with happiness...
looking forward for a brighter day tmrrow...

Friday, April 16, 2010

MY FIRST!!! ;-p


after such along time of postponing it,  i finally get to write something here... (congatulation hazira!!)
to tell u the truth, it actually takes a lot of courage to actually post something publically... ( all sweats already)hehe
i just thought that maybe by writing this blog gets to help me express some of the things and
thoughts that i just can't express it out loud...
hope this is gonna be fun n at the same time build up my creativity in writing...('',)