Tuesday, May 4, 2010

food for thought!!

i couldn't agree more with one of my dearest friends AIN JOHARI's saying that we were going to be so mature once we were out of the matriculation institution!!! 
well, eventually that is definitely true!!! 

shockingly i found myself for once not being so selfish of myself!! which i have always been for all these years... maybe it was b'coz i was spoiled by the pampering and everlasting love from both of my parents... i always got for whatever i asked for unlike my lil sister..she kinda had a liltle hard time with that...i was the one who's good with the persuading thing!! since i was young..i always got the attention! well, that's enough of the liltle black backgroud already!!

n'way...as i was saying that i, myself was also surprised with the way i think things nowadays...i might still be childish at certain things but the good news is that not all the things i was being childish! YEA FINALLY GROWING UP!
i wasn't complaining when i was asked to help out at the kitchen preparing food! i was always complaining when i had to help out in the kitchen! i hated when i'm order to do things! especially cooking! i know..i know i'm a girl and that's what girls are suppose to do! the MAIDS' works... which the reason is so clear to prepared the girls to be the best future wife after all..

but u have to understand one thing! all my life i have lived this luxury life with maids, drivers, and people having to do my things..all i know is that everything is ready, prepared to be used! 
plus i was living in the the hostel for almost 7 years now..all i do is  to only prepare my stuffs and only my stuffs...i don't give a damn about other people.. now at home it's totally a different thing..i had to do all the chores, washing the dishes, make sure the clothes were washed, dried and folded. the floors were clean, the toilets smelled good and white including the tiles! gosh that's just too much! i got culture shock people!!!!  but that was when i first finished my SPM! now i'm all used to it.. that all seems only such a small matter now...maybe that's why i'm  a bit mature with that.. i don't mind now...NOw..i did all those things without even being asked to...except cooking...heheheh

one other factors, i think that might have influenced my thinking was my age factor..
i guess that having to carry a big fat TWO O wasn't that easy! it's starting to unfold all the responsibilities that i have to carry upon my shoulders now... i have to try and not to depends on my parents too much! i always think that what if one day my parents died  (god, please panjgkn umur both my parents..amin) that's if only..which i obviously know everyone is gonna die sooner or later rite so just had to start thinking of it...what would i do if i can't even manage myself..that would be just soo pathetic for me! that's why i have to start looking forward and the future in some ways ain't that right?
 this i was thinking as i was lying back on my bed before bed..
 just food for thought!

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